About CSSA

CSSA was formed by a number of local modellers who fly slopes around Cornwall and at St Agnes.

Slope flying has been done at St Agnes for the last 40 years, without issue, however with the recent media publicity regarding drones flying may be under threat.

The aim of the club is to preserve slope model flying at St Agnes for future generations, not to impose regulations on visiting or local flyers. However, things are not the same as they were in the 1960s, and it is necessary to help preserve the site by making visiting flyers ‘aware’ of certain guidelines and the public nature of the site.

The site is also a well known bird watching site and the club aims to assist in providing information to visitors on respecting and preserving the bird life at the SSI.

If you wish to support this cause or have just enjoyed flying safely at St Agnes, please join our club, the membership fee is £3 per annum. This gives access to our members only facebook group where local topics are discussed.


Alternatively, If you do not wish to join the club but do wish to make a donation, please contact us. Any donations are gratefully received and will contribute to club funds to protect the site. Please mark it as ‘CSSA donation’.

Payments can be made by paypal or banks transfer or cash to a committee member.

Happy Flying,