Flying Site Guidelines

Flying Site Guidelines.

St Agnes Head is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Since 1997 there has been an agreement between the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and the National Trust for BMFA affiliated clubs & members to use the site for non-powered flying. It is therefore most imperative that the following guidelines be strictly followed when flying model gliders on this site, or we are risk of losing the right to fly at this beautiful headland.

  1. Birds of prey are known to be present on the cliffs. The birds are a protected species and it illegal to disturb their natural habitat. If you see a bird of prey, please take a wide circuit away from the bird and land immediately. Enjoy the moment, it is rare to see them. Once the bird has left the area you may relaunch. Generally they look around then fly away from the slope. Modellers are asked to keep a minimum distance of 200m between a model and any bird of prey.
  2. Multi copters or drones are strictly prohibited at all times on the headland and all places on the coastline from Godrevy to Perranporth.
  3. This is a public site, members of the public can appear on coast paths below and behind you without warning. Please play special attention and fly well away from any members of the public. Please examine the site before flying to determine where the footpaths are. They are some distance below the flying area on all slopes.
  4. Do not make landing approaches over car parks or over fly the car parks with aircraft. The recommended safe distance of 50m is suggested from the car parks, the coastguard hut and any other members of the public at all times.
  5. This site is strictly no power models of any kind, powered models may not be flown at any place on the headland. Glider motor assist may not be used. If your glider has a propeller on the front you must secure the propellor with an elastic band before launch.
  6. The para gliders are usually flying over Chapel Porth and Northern Slopes. Please allow paragliders time to launch and keep out of their way during the launch phase. There is a agreement between the modellers and the paragliders that on the North slope they fly to the right hand site of the slope after launch. On the West slope they launch to over chapel porth and fly to the left hand side of the headland. If a model is flying over the slope, then the paragliders should not overfly the modellers. If they are not, please contact the club committee.
  7. Please do not leave any litter on the site, please take it home. If you find any other modelling related litter please take it home as well.
  8. BMFA or equivalent insurance should be taken by all modellers who use the flying site. This is a public site and can get busy at weekends in summer.
  9. Please fly carefully and considerately all times. Flying should be over the sea, except on landing. Landing should be performed over the right hand side of the hump on the Northern slope, on the right hand side between the coastguard ut and the car park away from any parked car, and over the heather to the left had side on the West slope. Do not land if any people are in the vicinity.

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